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Palo Alto Networks is the fastest ever growing Network Security company on Wall Street. Palo Alto Networks Gartner quadrant 2016


Network World commented …

“Palo Alto’s secret sauce lies in the visibility it provides. Most firewalls do what they do, and provide little information (other than logs) about what they’re seeing. Palo Alto has a much greater focus on exposing the actual application-layer traffic, and then giving the network manager visibility into the traffic and threats in the network … provide a finer-grained control over end-user Internet usage than has previously been available in any firewall … leverage this application knowledge to provide unprecedented levels of visibility into network traffic.”

So who are Palo Alto Networks and how are they able to approach network security in such a different – and more effective manner to other firewall vendors?


Their founder is Nir Zuk, a visionary in the field of network security. He was one of the original developers of the stateful inspection firewall at Checkpoint and later developed the NetScreen firewall range, becoming CTO of Juniper when they acquired NetScreen.

Seeing the need to fundamentally rethink how firewalls work in order to comprehensively defend against modern threats, he founded Palo Alto Networks and attracted not just significant financial backing from the venture capital community but a team of engineering talent unrivalled in the industry.


This has allowed Palo Alto Networks to develop a solution which offers real innovation in the firewall by enabling unprecedented visibility and control of applications and content. Palo Alto Networks retained their leaders position in the Gartner placed quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls in 2016.



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