Movie Event – The Imitation Game

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Code Crackers & Catching Hackers – Thurs 27th Nov 2014

Imitation Game Invite
70 years ago, WW2 Allied codebreakers toiled at Bletchley Park to crack the Nazi’s Enigma-encoded signals. The mechanical computation they developed sparked the computer revolution. And since the computer was invented to crack codes and steal secrets, many working in information security still feel a strong affinity with and admiration for their pioneering work.
That work is celebrated in new movie – “The Imitation Game” – starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing. Threatscape and Symantec are so excited that we’ve organised a FREE private screening! We’d like to invite you (and colleagues) to join us. We’ve also invited the modern day code breakers from Symantec’s malware labs in Dublin – so you can hear what its like decoding malware and catching bad guys in cyberspace.

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