Deceive, Detect and Defeat

Advanced Cyber Attackers.

TrapX Security is the world leader in cyber deception technology, with solutions rapidly detect, deceive, and defeat advanced cyber attacks and human attackers in real time.

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About DeceptionGrid

DeceptionGrid provides automated, highly accurate insight into malicious activity unseen by other types of cyber defences. The TrapX Security customer base includes over 300 Forbes Global 2000 commercial and government customers worldwide.

Protecting the perimeter and endpoints is not enough. Attackers just need to be successful once. How will you know when an attacker is in your network?

DeceptionGrid, named the Best Deception Technology of 2018, deploys a shifting minefield of Traps (decoys) and Deception Tokens (lures) that appear identical to your real IT & IoT assets that no attacker can avoid.

Just one touch of a Trap by an attacker sets off a high-confidence alert. DeceptionGrid integrates with key elements of the network and security ecosystem to contain attacks and enable a return to normal operations.

DeceptionGrid analyzes your network and provides Traps and Lures. Attackers can never tell what’s real and what’s fake because each Trap is designed to look and behave exactly like your real assets.

Decieve. Detect. Defeat.


Research & Insights

"TrapX with its comprehensive and innovative deception technology has received strong ratings for its sophisticated technology platform, competitive differentiation strategy, ease of deployment and use, and overall customer impact. Based on strong overall ratings, TrapX has emerged as the technology leader and company of the year in the global deception technology market."
December 2018
"Frost & Sullivan applauds TrapX for keeping customers informed in real-time about what is happening within their networks and providing immediate actionable insights. TrapX has clearly enhanced the value proposition for its customers, thereby setting a high standard in the deception-based cyber security defence landscape."
Frost & Sullivan
December 2017
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Gartner: Deception 2019

Research Report

Security and risk management leaders looking for tools to build or expand their threat detection and response function should include deception tools in their stack

trapx medical device hijacking tile

Medical Device Hijack

Research Report

TrapX Labs research has identified a broad wave of cyber attacks targeting hospital medical devices.  This is a direct threat to hospital operations and the security of patient data.

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Hospital X-Ray Medjack

case study

This TrapX Security case study looks at what happened when a hospital experienced a malware attack via one of their patient XRAY machines and how DeceptionGrid helped.