Threatscape & Symantec Endpoint Management Forum – 5th September 2017

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Altiris - Carton House event

Symantec Altiris Endpoint Management






Threatscape and Symantec hosted our annual Endpoint Management Forum on 5th September at the Carton House Hotel and Resort in Co Kildare. Delegates included representatives from organisations who already use Symantec’s Altiris Endpoint Management Suite, and others interested in learning about how it could simplify and automate their endpoint inventory, patching, imaging, software distribution and more.


The morning session provided an opportunity to hear from a range of expert speakers including:


  • Symantec’s product management team explained the importance of endpoint management and as an example talked about how Altiris effortlessly handled the challenge of resourcing the IT systems for the Rio Olympics. They also discussed the new features in Altiris version 8.1, and provided a full roadmap briefing for the next major releases.
  • Threatscape’s Technical Director Alan Roche explored the key features of Altiris in more detail, using a live lab environment to demonstrate how easily Altiris can tame even the largest and most complex networks.
  • Our guest keynote speaker Dr Ian Atkin from Oxford University discussed how they rely on Altiris to manage thousands of endpoints across a large and busy campus environment.


After a break for lunch, delegates had a choice of activities: Dr Atkin hosted an afternoon masterclass which looked at endpoint management best practices, with a deep dive into how Oxford University use Altiris. The alternative afternoon activity also involved a lot of deep diving – a golf outing on the championship Montgomerie golf course where players inevitably had a chance to visit some monstrously deep bunkers!  


Thank you to everyone who attended, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.


Altiris - Carton House event

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