Investigative report

medjack.4: medical Device Hijacking Report

Over the last six months, the team at TrapX Labs conducted the world’s first counter-intelligence cyber-deception operation by creating a fake hospital network and disseminating VPN credentials for it in the Darknet.

Healthcare networks remain under continuous attack. MEDJACK.4 documents the growing escalation of attacks on healthcare providers to target and exploit medical devices and an increase in sophistication in the techniques used by the attackers.

Ori Bach

Vice President Products & Marketing, TrapX Security

Are cyber attackers hiding inside your medical devices?

TrapX Labs research identified a broad wave of cyber attacks targeting hospital medical devices. This is a direct threat to hospital operations and the security of patient data.

As part of counter intelligence efforts at TrapX Labs, the team created an entire network for a fictitious healthcare institution including a public website that gave attackers the feeling that they were dealing with a real healthcare organisation. 

They then exchanged the VPN credentials of this network in the Darknet market. This “fake” hospital served as the ultimate deception to lure, engage and study cyber attackers. As a result, the team at TrapX Labs was able to fully document the attackers’ behaviour.

This investigative report covers the following:

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