Connect to the Network with Confidence


Secure connectivity to corporate headquarters is essential if your remote employees are going to achieve maximum productivity.


Organizations rely on a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to offer that secure connection. While many VPN clients are on the market, not all offer the same level of protection and flexibility. You need a feature-rich VPN client that provides Two-Factor Authentication, Seamless Roaming, Windows Pre-logon – and more.


WatchGuard’s IPSec VPN Client, compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, is a premium service that gives both the organization and its remote employees a higher level of protection and a better VPN experience.



Features & Benefits


  • Seamless Roaming  Users can change from one Internet communication medium (LAN/WLAN/3G/4G) to another without dropping the VPN connection. For example, connect with Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, then switch to an Ethernet connection at work, then switch to your Wi-Fi at home. The VPN connection does not drop.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Adds another layer of security by requiring two types of credentials without the need for specialized hardware.
  • Always On – VPN client will reconnect automatically should a connection drop. Even when the user’s device goes to sleep, it will reconnect to the VPN once it’s back on.
  • Windows Pre-Logon – Users can log on to a Windows domain even if they are not in the network. For easy access, Windows and VPN log-in credentials can be configured to be the same.
  • FIPS Certified – Incorporates cryptographic algorithms conformant to FIPS 140-2 (Certificate #1747).
  • Integrated Personal Firewall – Our Friendly Net Detection feature recognizes whether a network is secure or not and then applies the appropriate firewall settings. This is especially useful in businesses like retail stores and mall kiosks that want to offer their customers a specific application.



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