Helios XDR

Assisted Detection & Response Service

Take your abilities to protect, detect and respond to advanced threats to the next level with Threatscape’s Assisted Detection & Response Service.  We aim to assist in the understanding, usage and optimisation of your Microsoft security portal. 

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Get the most out of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Threat Protection with Helios

This allows you to better defend against sophisticated threats. With Helios you will gain access to our Microsoft 365 Defender technical assistance helpline and a monthly half-day workshop with one of our Microsoft Security Consultants to assess your environment and to assist in the deployment of advanced threat mitigation policies.

The Helios Assisted Detection & Response (ADR) service helps organisations maximise their protection, detection and response capabilities using the Microsoft threat protection platform, allowing you to better defend against sophisticated threats. 

What's included?

Technical Support

Access to our technical support helpline.

Alert Investigation

A walk-through of your Microsoft security portal to help you focus on the most important alerts, and identify priorities for further investigation / remediation.


A monthly half-day workshop with one of our fully-qualified Microsoft Security Consultants.