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The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session offering attendees the opportunity to hear directly from our in-house Symantec experts.

On-Demand Webinars

Join us for a guided tour through M365 Security optimisation with actionable takeaways to enable you to secure your environment and begin to truly realise your Microsoft investment.

Enterprises across the globe are heavily invested in endpoint security to protect their valuable assets. Despite the time and money spent, more breaches are happening today than ever before. 

Prevention matters as global cyber threats are more aggressive than ever and can have a staggering impact on a business. It is critical to prevent attacks as early as possible, as the detection and reaction window to a modern attack is very short. 

Having evolved and matured, Defender for Endpoint has gained acceptance as a viable alternative to Anti-Virus (AV) and Endpoint Detection & Remediation (EDR) solutions.  Defender for Endpoint is recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms as a ‘leader’.

How are you managing to secure your remote workers in 2021?  With staff accessing company resources remotely and using up precious bandwidth, there’s also a lot of room for potential security risks to creep in.

Discover how Symantec Endpoint Management (Altiris) can help you secure your endpoints, ease your workload by automating patching, software deployment, OS migrations and other endpoint management tasks no matter how large or complex your network is.

The headlines tell the tale: ransomware attacks are on the rise and organisations must secure their IT infrastructure. But how confident are you that you’ve taken the required steps to fully mitigate the risks? 

This first part will provide a high level and vendor-neutral look at how to:

  • Keep ransomware off your network
  • Stop it executing if it gets in
  • Limit what it can do if it executes
  • Detect it, shut it down, get it out, recover

This second part of this series includes a more technical “deep dive”, with some Q&A, a look at our free “crypto defence pack”, IoCs for the recent Conti strain, and finally some tips on how to optimise the configuration of your endpoint security software.

(This part will be of particular benefit to all Symantec SEP/SESC users as we will be demonstrating recommended security policies which help defeat ransomware).

As the pandemic persists, organisations of all sizes are left wondering when things will return to “normal,” or whether things will simply remain as they are indefinitely. With this in mind, how should IT teams re-evaluate their security posture to ensure their business is kept safe from threats and breaches without compromising on remote-work productivity?

With economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, many organisations have found themselves doing more with less. As such, enterprise security governance needs to be a shared responsibility between IT, operations, legal, finance, and other teams committed to protecting and defending the organisation’s assets. How are you responding to such challenges today?

Tune into one of the best of our Fireside Series of webinars. We were joined by cyber-crime journalist and author of new book Crime Dot Com: From Viruses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global, Geoff White.

Join us and former KGB deep-cover spy Jack Barsky for a chat about how his training in deception, inflitration and years as a deep-cover spy in the USA during the cold war can help you improve your cyber security today.

Join our award-winning Microsoft Security consultants to learn how you can gain greater insight into your organisation’s Microsoft 365 security posture, and build a roadmap to short and long-term  improvements.