Cyber Security Webinars

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August 12   4 PM (BST) | 11 AM (EST)

Crime Dot Com

Fireside Chat with Geoff White

Join us for the next in our Fireside Series of webinars, as we talk with cyber-crime journalist and author of new book Crime Dot Com: From Viruses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global, Geoff White.

August 19    11 AM (BST) 

Collaboration is Key – But Don't Forget Security!

We talk why securing your collaboration environment is important,  key challenges, and top tips to consider when addressing your security requirements. We will also cover our approach to security and governance for Microsoft Teams and collaboration tools through our Hermes service.

Sept 9    4 PM (BST) | 11 AM (EST)

Conversations with a Spy!

Fireside Chat with Jack Barsky

Join Threatscape and former KGB deep-cover spy Jack Barsky for a discussion of why you should question everything, trust nobody – and how his training in deception, inflitration and years as a deep-cover spy in the USA during the cold war can help you improve your cyber security today.