Cloud infrastructure security reimagined

Cloud security is broken and the cloud infrastructure is in need of a new approach. Solutions today are complex, fragmented, and generate too many alerts for security teams.

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The New Approach

Cloud infrastructure security needs an entirely new approach – one that embraces the complexity of cloud, one that works through that complexity to automate the identification of real attack vectors, one that maximises security ROI, and one that any security team can operationalise, regardless of their resources.

In keeping with our pedigree of choosing “best in class” technology, we have partnered with Wiz, having worked with the founders since they started their first company, Adallom.

Adoption has been immediate, replacing large existing solutions in every customer and, in the first three months since emerging from stealth, over 10% of the fortune 500 are using Wiz.  As the first partner in Europe, we have the advantage of having been involved in some of these early deployments, giving us (and you) competitive advantage.

Why Choose Wiz?

You don't deploy Wiz, you connect it

With no agents or sidecars to deploy, Wiz begins delivering security value in minutes after you connect Wiz to your cloud environment API.

Actionable insights without the noise

Wiz combines the functionality of a CSPM, vulnerability scanner, container security, and CIEM into a single graph to correlate risks without the noise.

Total coverage of your environment

Wiz analyzes the full cloud stack without the limits of agents—every VM, every container, and every account across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.

Benefits of Wiz

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Secure use of secrets

Identify all keys located on your workloads cross referenced with the privileges they have in your cloud environment.

Identity Protection

Identity and access

Map the identity structure of every resource to the role it can assume, taking into account mitigating controls such as service control policies (SCP) and permissions boundaries.

External exposure

See which resources are publicly exposed to the internet based on a full analysis of your cloud network, even those behind multiple hops.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Graph

Wiz combines all of the data about your cloud and workloads into a single graph, making it possible to correlate related issues that create attack vectors.

Lateral movement

Remove lateral movement risks such as private keys used to access both development and production environments.

Vulnerability and patch management

Scan for vulnerable and unpatched operating systems,
installed software, and code libraries in your workloads prioritized by risk.

Secure configuration

Assess the configuration of cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, and VM operating systems against your baselines and industry best practices.


What does "platform" mean in cloud security?

Platformisation has become a hot topic in enterprise tech, particularly when it comes to cyber security and cloud. Organisations are fed up with managing a hodgepodge of point solutions. They want better visibility, no siloes, less noise, more context. 


The State of AI in the Cloud report for 2024

These days, AI is everywhere you look — but what numbers chart this explosive growth? The Wiz Research team’s report examines exactly those data points, detailing key findings on the use of AI services and tools in cloud environments and painting a concrete, data-based picture of just how omnipresent this technology has become in the cloud. 

How to leverage AI-powered security in your organisation

AI has revolutionised every industry, advancing at an unprecedented pace. Security leaders looking for a way to leverage AI to improve the security posture and practices at their organisations are overwhelmed with choices of available AI tools and methodologies. 

Protect. Detect. Respond.

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