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A Beginner's Guide to The NIS2 Directive

10 Microsoft 365 Security Settings You Should Not Ignore

You’ve invested in the enterprise licence, but are you effectively optimising Microsoft 365 Security’s capabilities to mitigate threat risk and maximise ROI?

10 Misconceptions Surrounding Symantec Security

In this eBook, members of our award-winning Symantec security team (including multiple Broadcom Knights) have compiled a list of 10 misconceptions we’ve encountered regarding Symantec.

Symantec’s Rich History of Security Innovation

In this white paper we explore how Symantec’s security innovation has produced meaningful results for its customers, along with plans for future areas of R&D.

Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2023

In this white paper from Dr. Eric Cole at Secure Anchor, learn how attackers leverage compromised accounts from vendors or partners to launch attacks that are specifically designed to bypass traditional email security.

Microsoft's Cyber Security Trends in Ireland 2023

In this white paper, Microsoft reveals the latest threat intelligence and attack data relevant to organisations based and operating within Ireland. Understand how recent changes to cyber security solutions and strategy are being implemented to boost businesses’ security in an age of increased threats and compliance requirements.  

The Total Economic Impact of Symantec Endpoint Security Complete

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of SES Complete on their organisations and to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment. 

Symantec Data-Centric SASE​

In this white paper we explore the key components of a SASE solution and the advantages of deploying a comprehensive network security defence.

CISO Guide to Ransomware

In this white paper we examine the current ransomware landscape, increasingly common methods used by threat actors in ransomware attacks, and the business impact seen by victims of ransomware.

Total Economic Impact of Abnormal Security Report (Forrester)

In this impact report Forrester presents an assessment of the costs and benefits associated with deploying Abnormal Security within your organisation.

The Role of AI in Email Security

In this white paper we explore where AI fits in alongside traditional email security solutions, along with how it is being leveraged by threat actors.

H2 2023 Email Threat Report

In this threat report, we outline recent changes to the email threat landscape, documenting the rise in attacks, and opportunities to modernise effective protection.

CISO Guide to Phishing

In this white paper we explain the varieties of phishing attacks being lodged against organisations and explore the route to improved protection.

CISO Guide to Business Email Compromise​

In this white paper, we explore the rising threat of Business Email Compromise, the types of BEC attacks seen today, and tactics for securing your organisation against email threat actors.

Email Security Architectures From Exchange to Microsoft 365​

With the early market adoption of on-premise mail servers like Microsoft Exchange, organizations also implemented security measures to protect against the wide array of email threats.

CISO Guide to Vendor Email Compromise (VEC)

Vendor email compromise (VEC) is a significant security threat to enterprise organizations. This form of attack occurs when a threat actor gains control of a vendor email account and then uses it to steal money from known contacts.

The Essential Guide to Cloud Email Security

As organisations have moved to cloud-based infrastructure and productivity platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, they’ve seen key benefits including easier collaboration, greater agility, and lower costs and maintenance related to infrastructure.

Q3-2021 Email Threat Report​

There is little doubt that business email compromise and other advanced email threats are causing significant damage–both financial and reputational—to organizations worldwide.

Digital Defence Report 2020

The Microsoft Digital Defense Report is informed by over 8 trillion daily security signals and observations from their security and threat intelligence teams, to present you with telemetry and insights about the current state of cybersecurity.

Digital Defense Report 2021

The report is informed by over 8 trillion daily security signals and observations from their security and threat intelligence teams, to present you with telemetry and insights about the current state of cybersecurity around the globe.

Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2022

The annual Digital Defence Report features 100+ pages of unique insights into the digital threat landscape, how it is evolving and what steps organisations can take to better protect their environment.

Securing the future of hybrid working


2020 will no doubt be remembered as the year when the workplace fundamentally changed. It may also be the year that traditional cybersecurity evolved. 

The State of Cyber Security in Ireland 2020


Discover what 200 decision makers in Irish organisations had to say about their key challenges in cyber security today in this report by Microsoft and Amárach.

10 Tenets of an Effective SASE Solution


This ebook will guide you through the top ten requirements you should keep in mind as you start to look for an effective SASE offering.

The Importance of NAC


The value proposition of NAC has shifted recently due to onset of wireless networks and  advancements in mobile and IoT devices. Discover more in this Portnox whitepaper.

The challenges of cybersecurity in the time of Covid-19


Cyberthreats are on the rise, thanks to the use of personal devices and home Wi-Fi, fewer IT resources, employees having to DIY their security settings, and a rise in social engineering by cyber criminals preying on vulnerable employees.

Post-Pandemic Security and Compliance


Is your organisation staying on top of these technologies and trends, in preparation for an uncertain post-COVID-19 future?

5 operational considerations to ensure that your organisation can stay safe and secure:

Elements of Security Operations


Learn the key building blocks to create a modern security operations team to address your challenges and meet the goals of your business.

Understanding the Adversary


Despite best efforts, security practitioners are finding the same attacker return to their systems at least twice. Why is this happening?