Cyber Security Insights

Uncover from respected research institutions, alongside useful whitepapers discover the latest cyber security insights.

Digital Defense Report from Microsoft

The Microsoft Digital Defense Report is informed by over 8 trillion daily security signals and observations from their security and threat intelligence teams, to present you with telemetry and insights about the current state of cybersecurity.

Securing the future of hybrid working


2020 will no doubt be remembered as the year when the workplace fundamentally changed. It may also be the year that traditional cybersecurity evolved. 

The State of Cyber Security in Ireland 2020


Discover what 200 decision makers in Irish organisations had to say about their key challenges in cyber security today in this report by Microsoft and Amárach.

10 Tenets of an Effective SASE Solution


This ebook will guide you through the top ten requirements you should keep in mind as you start to look for an effective SASE offering.

Medical Device Hijacking


TrapX Labs identified a broad wave of cyber attacks targeting hospital medical devices, threatening the security of patient data.

The challenges of cybersecurity in the time of Covid-19


Cyberthreats are on the rise, thanks to the use of personal devices and home Wi-Fi, fewer IT resources, employees having to DIY their security settings, and a rise in social engineering by cyber criminals preying on vulnerable employees.

Post-Pandemic Security and Compliance


Is your organisation staying on top of these technologies and trends, in preparation for an uncertain post-COVID-19 future?

5 operational considerations to ensure that your organisation can stay safe and secure:

Elements of Security Operations


Learn the key building blocks to create a modern security operations team to address your challenges and meet the goals of your business.

Understanding the Adversary


Despite best efforts, security practitioners are finding the same attacker return to their systems at least twice. Why is this happening? 

Hospital X-Ray Hijacking


This case study looks at what happened when a hospital experienced a malware attack via one of their patient XRAY machine.

The Importance of NAC


The value proposition of NAC has shifted recently due to onset of wireless networks and  advancements in mobile and IoT devices. Discover more in this Portnox whitepaper.