Professional Services

At Threatscape our team of professionals can provide the following to our clients:






Firewall technology longevity typically spans from between 5-7 years and upgrades are often initiated by growing organisations and changing security requirements.


A firewall is an item of critical network security infrastructure and any change in technology is fraught with risk to business continuity.


Firewall Migration Services

At Threatscape our professional services team can assist organisations from applying a standard methodology to executing a firewall migration. Each migration project deployed is unique and represents a different set of challenges, the key to our success is to treat each case with the same level of care and professionalism.


Penetration Testing

Interconnected corporate networks of partners, clients, remote offices, wireless LANs, vendors and the Internet have created multiple avenues for an attacker to target companies. Organisations face greater risks to customer data, intellectual property and financial records. CIOs and CFOs must have a clear understanding of risks and vulnerabilities to protect their organizations from external attacks.


Our Penetration Testing services enable our clients to:

  • Identify existing and potential vulnerabilities and risks from external attacks.
  • Utilise experienced security analysts with the specialized skills and tools needed to mitigate client risk.
  • Conduct testing in a safe and controlled environment without compromising routine business activities.
  • Reduce investment associated with employing full time security analysts, tools and technologies.
  • Integrate with an overall risk management solution to address the audit requirements of policy and compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOX, HIPPA, PCI etc.


Web Application Security Testing

Web Applications can cause an exponential increase in vulnerabilities, creating a significant impact on our clients’ enterprises. At Threatscape, we enable our customers to identify and mitigate hidden bugs before launch and enable them to gain a better understanding of potential website vulnerabilities.


Our Web Application Security Testing allow our clients to: 

  • Get instant feedback and catch hidden bugs before launch.
  • Create higher quality applications as they are tested by certified QA experts.
  • Deploy applications faster by testing throughout the development process.
  • Use global testing coverage by testing across operating systems, browsers, languages and more.
  • Allow our clients to gain a better understanding of potential website vulnerabilities that may be visible from the Internet.


Health Check & Best Practice

Our team of technical engineers can provide onsite or remote assessment of current deployments.  Each health check is followed up with a comprehensive reports illustrating current position and remediation steps to bring your organisation in line with best practise and compliance.


Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

We offer our professional services to enterprise, telecom and government organisations on a cost effective basis. The available options for procuring these services include:

  • Staff secondment
  • Retainer leased rapid response teams
  • Remote CSIRT teams