Abnormal is the most precise human behaviour security engine for blocking all email attacks, including phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, executive impersonation, supply chain compromise, internal account compromise, spam, and graymail.

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A Fundamentally Different Approach to Email Security

Secure email gateways and built-in Microsoft and Google security struggle to block email attacks that pass reputation checks, have no URLs or attachments, and appear to come from trusted sources.

Only Abnormal uses behavioural AI to profile known good behaviour and analyses over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baselines, delivering maximum protection for global enterprises.

comparison of normal email security and abnormal security

Why Choose Abnormal?

Abnormal profiles known good behaviour and analyses over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baselines. Only Abnormal precisely blocks all socially-engineered and unwanted emails—both internal and external—and detects and remediates compromised accounts.

Abnormal integrates with multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace tenants in minutes, with one click and no disruption to mail flow.

Simplify your email security stack by eliminating the redundant email gateway layer, and re-enabling and enhancing Microsoft’s cloud gateway capabilities. Unify your entire inbound email security defences, from email hygiene to zero-day advanced attacks.

Abnormal provides a native Microsoft email experience that puts an end to spam digests and portals. With deep integration into Microsoft and Google via APIs, Abnormal learns each end user’s preference as they move emails between inbox, spam, and promotional folders within their mailboxes.


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