A Beginner's Guide to The NIS2 Directive

Is data security and compliance at the forefront of your organisation’s cyber security strategy for 2024? With the implementation of NIS2 on the horizon, it should be.

But what is NIS2? How will it impact organisations across the EU? And how can you prepare yourself to ensure compliance when it comes into force?

In this Beginner’s Guide, we break down these questions and more to offer a general overview of NIS2 (including a checklist of 10 Minimum Measures for Compliance), useful for both those new to the directive, and for businesses already on their journey towards compliance.

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To help you on your journey towards NIS2 compliance, cyber security experts from our award-winning team have compiled an introduction to the directive and an actionable list of 10 Minimum Measures for Compliance to guide your ongoing cyber security strategy with NIS2 in mind.

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While the impact of NIS2 on businesses within the EU is likely to be substantial, many of its requirements are in line with existing cyber security best practices. Utilise the learnings available in this eBook to prioritise cyber and data hygiene with NIS2 in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a more compliant, future-proof cyber stategy for 2024 and beyond. 

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EU Member States are obligated to integrate NIS2 into their existing cyber security legislation by 17th October 2024, and those organisations and sectors impacted should plan ahead in order to align their cyber defences and strategy with the required stipulations within plenty of time, as penalties associated with NIS2 non-compliance will be severe, ranging from fines, to legal consequences and reputational impact, with senior management to be held directly liable in cases of gross negligence.

Once in effect, the EU Commission behind the NIS2 directive will periodically review its practical functioning, reporting back on its findings for the first time in October 2027.