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Axonius Cyber Security Asset Management & SaaS Management

Gain comprehensive asset visibility across all digital infrastructure for business-level context with the Axonius platform.

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Why Axonius?

With a comprehensive understanding of all assets including devices, identities, software, SaaS applications, vulnerabilities, security controls, and the context between them, customers are able to mitigate threats, navigate risk, decrease incident response time, automate action, and inform business-level strategy — all while eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.

About Axonius

The cyber attack surface has expanded exponentially, challenging security teams to understand the totality of the assets they have and the types of business risks they present. The Axonius Platform automatically aggregates, normalises, deduplicates, and correlates asset data from any data source. What you get is a complete asset inventory and the ability to quickly uncover security issues and reliably reduce risk.

Axonius for Security Professionals

The system of record for digital infrastructure, with use cases across cyber asset attack surface management, SaaS security posture management, and vulnerability management. 

Teams' Discoveries With Axonius Automation

The five key discoveries security teams make when they automate cyber security asset management with Axonius, along with the pressing security challenges they were able to overcome.

Asset Management Challenges and Axonius

Discover six of the unique challenges posed by IT assets, the necessary data sources behind them, and why these hurdles matter from a cyber security perspective. 

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