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Email security is a tough nut to crack. Many organisations, despite investing in secure email
gateways, are still falling foul to socially engineered Business/Vendor Email Compromise attacks.

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Even when used in conjunction with Microsoft security and compliance tools, current defences (Secure Email Gateways) fail to detect emails that:

Pass reputation checks

Have no links or attachments, and

Appear to come from trusted sources, i.e. hijacked colleague or supplier emails.

To compensate for these omissions (because malicious emails do still get through), many look to options like Security Awareness Training (SAT) in an attempt to make their end users a part of the solution. However, this presents a new challenge – users are encouraged to be suspicious of emails from unknown senders. This develops a mindset that ‘known’ senders can always be trusted. But what if that known sender has been compromised?

Abnormal solves these issues with Vendorbase. Download the datasheet to understand the service better.