Advanced Threat Protection

Stay on top of advanced cyber threats with intelligent solutions. In an era of assumed breach, attempting to protect infrastructure is simply not enough.

Proactively defend against new and known threats.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions provide additional layers of security to help your organisation detect and respond to a wide variety of threats. ATP solutions should improve both efficiency and effectiveness within the cyber security space and can cover identities, endpoints, applications, the network and cloud services.


Identify threats across your infrastructures regardless of where or whey they orginate, revealing root cause for speedy investigations.

Identify which assets have been compromised and isolate these assets until remediation is complete. 

Reduce time spent investigating false positives, get more context on an attack, and increase your conviction rate.  

Using behavioural analytics tools such as ML and AI, you can more easily detect threats across your endpoints, network and cloud services. 

Modern organisations are faced with the increasing risk of being targeted by advanced threat campaign.

Attackers are developing more sophisticated methods for targeting a company’s valuable digital assets and data which can result in significant financial and reputational loss for their victims.

Because of the ever-changing nature of these threats, traditional perimeter security is simply not enough on its own. A modern, layered approach to security must build upon advanced analytical tools to assist in identifying new or existing breaches and enabling rapid remediation.

Advanced Threat Protection solutions are intended to proactively identify advanced threats seeking to target valuable data on your infrastructure. The three core functions of ATP solutions are to:

  • provide early detection to help prevent or identify a breach
  • protect identities, applications, networks, endpoints or cloud infrastructure 
  • provide an advanced toolset, leveraging ML and AI, for security analysts to identify and respond to clearly identified threats


Effective threat detection solutions should provide organisations with real-time data and response to threats and access to an extensive network of global threat intelligence to provide context on attacks.

Protect your organisation from cyber threats.

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Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

Palo Alto Networks


Cortex XDR™ is the world’s first detection and response app that natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. Leveraging behavioural analytics, it identifies unknown and highly evasive threats targeting your network.



Vectra and its flagship Cognito® platform enable the world’s most consequential enterprise organisations to detect cyberattacks in real time and empower threat hunters to perform highly conclusive incident investigations.

TrapX Security


DeceptionGrid is a world leading deception technology. It uses Traps and Lures on your network so that attackers can never tell what’s real and what’s fake because each Trap is designed to look and behave exactly like your real assets.


Microsoft Defender ATP

A security platform for intelligent protection, detection, investigation, and response. Microsoft Defender ATP protects endpoints from advanced cyber threats; automates security incidents, and improves security posture.


Office 365 ATP

Microsoft Office 365 ATP is an optional cloud-based service that scans and filters email to protect subscribers from malware in attachments and hyperlinks to malicious websites.


Azure ATP

Azure ATP is a cloud-based solution that helps detect and investigate identity based security incidents across your network. It supports the most demanding workloads of security analytics for modern enterprise.

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