m365 Security optimisation service

The Artemis M365 Security Optimisation Service helps clients maintain and improve their security posture for the long term. Gain clear insight into your organisation’s environment, understand the gaps in your security, and get a roadmap for continuous improvement.  In a world of dynamic, real-time changes to SaaS solutions no organisation can afford to “set and forget” its security.

Securing your M365 environment for the long term.

Using Microsoft Secure Score to assess current security controls, we prioritise the most important tasks to advance security posture and highlight short and long-term goals for continuous improvement. You also gain access to the latest best practice recommendations and knowledge sharing opportunities from our team of consultants.

This service runs on a monthly or quarterly basis, dependent upon your attitude to risk, providing a constantly update roadmap of actions to ensure your security posture is as up to date as possible. 

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