Businesses managing to let security concerns go

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man holding shield - managed security

Threatscape’s Managing Director, spoke with about the emerging demand from businesses for a managed security solution to help them address the growing threat of cyber attacks.


Dermot Williams agreed that the past six to 12 months have seen a “growing recognition on the part of clients” that a “full MSS solution” will “go far deeper into a client’s security requirements” than established, widely available security services “whereby your email and web traffic passes through their servers in order to strip out spam, malware and other unwanted content”.


Continued Williams, “Managing the process of securing (and patching) network endpoints, managing and monitoring perimeter security elements such as firewalls and intrusion detection and preventions, as well as responding to breach attempts or assisting with mitigating the after-effects of an intrusion – this is where having the resources and expertise of an MSS provider can really benefit an organisation.”



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