Case Study: Endpoint Security & Management

When a network critical to serving a billion passenger journeys a year by bus and train across the UK began to slow down, the IT team at The Go-Ahead Group plc suspected a cyber attack, and turned to Threatscape for help. Results include a malicious worm identified and contained on thousands of devices within 24 hours, a new central remote management capability that conducts daily scans to identify new and unprotected devices, and an estimated 10 percent cost reduction in 36 months.


GoAhead Group commented that “Threatscape has extraordinary endpoint protection expertise, and they are invaluable to us on a day-to-day basis. Because we have a small IT team, they are a critical resource for us”, while Symantec were so impressed that they now feature the project in a detailed case study on their global web site here.

Case Study: Network Security

This successful project enabled HEAnet to protect up to a million web users across 3,500 schools, and has been featured on the global Palo Alto Networks web site in a detailed case study here.


Originally deployed in 2011, a multi-million dollar upgrade installed by Threatscape engineers in 2017 added the latest Palo Alto chassis technology which now delivers tens of gigabits of redundant, scalable network security.