Cloud Security

The way we work is evolving, but are you moving with it? Stay on top of security in your cloud environment.

Secure your path to cloud transformation.

Whether you wish to deploy security solutions through the cloud, or are looking to protect SaaS, PaaS or IaaS within a cloud environment, we can secure your path to the future.

Traditional security solutions can be deployed and managed from the cloud for scalability, real-time updates and greater intelligence.

The use of unauthorised cloud apps in your organisation’s network is a common issue. Gain full oversight of all approved and unapproved cloud apps and block access to those that are risky.

We can help you identify sensitive data in your cloud environment, deploying security solutions that allow you to accurately tag and restrict sensitive data in real-time.

With a range of security assessments aimed at reviewing your cloud environment, we can provide best practice insights to ensure you keep up with the demands of increasingly complex compliance requirements.

Cloud revolutionises the way we work – allowing greater agility, collaboration and scalability. But cloud computing also represents unique risks that you need to manage to protect your organisation’s data. With global adoption increasing – whether at a strategic level, or through unauthorised employee use – it is important for businesses to have a clear view of their cloud usage and a strategy for managing overall cloud security.

A common mistake when migrating to cloud is to assume that it is an inherently secured environment. In fact, the responsibility for security within the cloud – including all of your assets, data and workflows – lies with you. This is called the Shared Responsibility Model. It is vital that you understand how the cloud works, how it is being used in your organisation, and how to keep it secure.

Gain full oversight of how your organisation engages within your cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud environments. Did you know that the average business (with 200 – 500 employees) uses 123 different SaaS applications, the majority of which have not been reviewed by the IT team? A CASB solution can help you address this and immediately identify and revoke access to unsuitable and unapproved apps.

Ensuring security within the cloud also gives the ability to identify and manage sensitive data so that it is only shared with those who have appropriate access rights. This means you can address  the increasing data regulations and compliance requirements of a modern business when doing business in the cloud.

While cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to gain access to unsecured cloud environments, it is important that you continue to evolve your security strategy to keep these threats at bay.

Our team can work with you to provide complete visibility and control across your organisation’s entire environment, empowering your workforce to do their best work, securely, in the cloud and on-premise.

With a clearly defined cloud security strategy and appropriate solutions in place, you can ensure that potential vulnerabilities – such as unauthorised app usage, or misconfigured file sharing permissions – are detected and addressed.

Managed Services

microsoft security practice

Artemis: M365 Optimisation Service

Improve the long-term security of your Microsoft Office and Windows environment with our ongoing security optimisation service.

microsoft security practice

Zeus: Cloud App & Data Protection

Gain control over cloud app usage and how sensitive data is shared within your organisation using Microsoft security solutions.

Cloud Security Solutions

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Stay compliant and stop data leaks or business disruption through a fully cloud-delivered CASB. Prima provides advanced capabilities in data governance, user behavior monitoring and advanced threat prevention for the cloud.



The CloudSOC platform helps companies use cloud apps and services with confidence, while staying safe, secure and compliant. It delivers full cloud app security with shadow IT auditing, real-time threat detection and data loss protection.


Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a multimode CASB. It provides rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats across all your cloud services.


Azure Security Centre

Microsoft Security Centre lets you monitor and manage security across your Microsoft identities, data, devices, apps, and infrastructure. View the security health of your organisation, configure devices, users, and apps.


Azure Information Protection

Control and secure email, documents and sensitive data shared outside your company. From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times with AIP no matter where your data is stored.