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A note from our team

On Thursday 19th March, Threatscape celebrated its 10th anniversary. It’s been an exhilarating ride seeing the company grow from a team of just half a dozen in 2010 to today with personnel in multiple countries securing business critical systems and millions of users and devices at client sites in over 100 countries.  I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved, and of the exceptional group of people I get to work with every day. I’m grateful for the trust our clients place in us, and the business we do together.

Our team had planned one hell of a party but instead everyone was working from home. This of course was because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I’d like to let you know what Threatscape is doing to ensure our staff and clients remain safe, our business remains operational and that we continue to service the critical cyber security needs of our clients with minimal disruption.  We also wanted to let you know how we are assisting clients to securely adapt their working practices to continue operations in a time of remote working and social distancing.

First though we would like to wish everyone the best as we collectively face the unprecedented circumstances caused by Covid-19. We hope everyone is taking appropriate precautions for their safety and that of their loved ones, and we send our appreciative thanks to those in the frontlines of protecting society, particularly medical personnel. 

While we are curtailing face to face interactions with clients for the foreseeable future, we will be making exceptions for clients who are involved in battling Covid-19 or ensuring continuity of critical services.  Accordingly, our personnel remain fully available as a priority for our clients in health, law enforcement, armed services and critical national infrastructure.

Finally, everyone at Threatscape would like to thank our valued clients for their continued business, and to wish everyone the very best as the world battles Covid-19. Please do everything you can to protect your loved ones and the most vulnerable in our communities.

Together we will all get through this, but in the meantime please take no chances – and risk no lives.


Dermot Williams

Managing Director

How Threatscape is operating during the Covid-19 crisis

Due to the nature of our work, many of our team routinely work from remote sites, and our IT and communications systems were designed to support full mobility. Everyone has secure access to our corporate network, email and messaging systems, telephone system, support platform, technical resources, conferencing systems, cloud resources, remote access platforms and more regardless of their location. Last year we significantly upgraded the infrastructure at our headquarters including the installation of a 10gb fiber circuit – this wasn’t done with a pandemic in mind obviously but having it has greatly eased the transition to full remote working.

Over the last two weeks we ensured that normally office-based staff were equipped and trained appropriately to work remotely. Following tests last week, all personnel have been working from home since Monday of this week apart from a skeleton crew who have now adopted appropriate precautions including hygiene and cleaning, facility lock-down, and maintaining an entry/exit log should any future contact tracing be required.  

Microsoft Teams has enabled our team to maintain our spirit of collaboration regardless of location. 

remote working
Video meetings are the new normal for the Threatscape team.

From a client perspective, accessing our services should be seamless as you may continue to contact our team as normal:

Service delivery continues as follows:

Important cyber-security tips from Threatscape for those adjusting their working practices during the Covid-19 crisis

Rapid changes to IT configurations and working practices can introduce security risks through error or unfamiliarity. Security is a significant element of any remote working structure, and some points to remember in particular are as follows:

Business Processes

Remote Users

With many users now working at remote locations, many of whom have not previously done so, organisations should ensure that basic device maintenance and data protection measures are adapted to support remote users:

Central site and core infrastructure considerations

Additional security tips for Microsoft customers, especially those with E5 suites:
How to leverage the Microsoft security tools at your disposal to better secure remote working

The Microsoft Security Consulting Practice at Threatscape has extensive experience in enterprise-scale deployments of Microsoft security technology for clients in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia. Our consultants would like to remind clients that the following Microsoft technologies they likely already have at their disposal can be used to enhance the security of remote working environments:

How Threatscape can assist clients to secure remote working

Security solutions which our vendor partners are making available FOR FREE during Covid-19 emergency
(more details available on request)

Other solutions which Threatscape can deploy rapidly to assist clients secure remote working

Additional specialised services from our Microsoft security consulting practice