Delving into Symantec Security with Alan Roche

Delving into Symantec Security

Threatscape’s Technical Director, Alan Roche, is a recognised Broadcom Knight with over 20 years of experience with Symantec security solutions. 

Working with organisations and their users through the release and implementation of multiple iterations of Symantec technologies and their developing capabilities, Alan has a unique perspective on why Symantec is, in his view, a worthy leader in cyber security technology.

Separating Symantec from the competition

According to Alan, what separates Symantec from the competition is its customer-focused approach to its tools, which makes all the difference to user uptake and the overall effectiveness of an organisation’s final security stack as a whole.

Symantec’s platforms and product sets are built with the end-user in mind, with open channels of communication (including product managers who personally reach out to their customers to fully understand their specific use cases), leading to intelligently designed platforms and tools that perform the tasks customers really need from their security solution.

Rather than focusing on specific line items within a security tool, Symantec’s holistic approach to functionality is centred around how the user is most likely to interact with the tool, and how it will fit into the larger picture of their complete security posture.

Whether through the Symantec Web Protection Suite or the core Symantec Endpoint Protection offering, innovation within Symantec is plain to see, and as a long-established security provider, developments are made based on past successes and a comprehensive understanding of the industry, its users, and their real-world requirements.

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A shift towards simplified security

As many vendors have pushed towards providing unique tools for specific security concerns, Symantec has considered how this may cause more problems than it solves, through alert fatigue, mismatched data, poor interconnectivity to name but a few common obstacles.

Championing a shift towards streamlined, consolidated solutions (rather than a disparate selection of single-function tools), Symantec offers busy administrators a single console to master, utilise, and report on. With a greater burden on security teams than ever before, Symantec understand that simplicity is the key to success.

Ultimately, complexity is a barrier to thorough and secure use of security tools. Whether an administrator hasn’t the time to fully understand their tools, is unable to parse the data being fed back to them from a multitude of sources or is perhaps concerned about the consequences of deploying a tool and unsure of its reach within their network, it’s Symantec’s view that there is no benefit to investing in a solution your team are unable to fully utilise.

Empowering administrators

This is where Symantec’s user-first approach to security comes into its own, with administrators empowered to enable their security tools to maximise protection without the threat of interference from other solutions or unexpected consequences. When your tools are all speaking the same language, delivering cohesive actionable data reports, and working in tandem to deliver protection against threats, security is at its strongest.

Our team at Threatscape eat, sleep, and breathe Symantec. In fact, our management team has been working with Symantec technologies since 1999, when they first established a European base in Dublin, making us one of their longest standing active partners globally.

Our expertise is reflected in our status as Premier Partner, and our title of EMEA Symantec Partner of the Year for 2021/22, and our Accelerator Partner of the Year and Fastest Growth Partner of Year wins for 2022/23.

With a range of dedicated Symantec services and solutions available, whatever your requirements, we are primed to assist. Get in touch today to discuss how Threatscape and Symantec can meet your organisation’s cyber security needs.  

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