Threatscape CEO speaks at Canadian cyber security conference

Governments around the world recognise cyber security not only as a national imperative for the protection of state and commercial entities, but also as a significant focus area for investment, innovation and jobs creation. Canada has been particularly proactive in this regard, with government agencies and universities working together to ensure Canada is at the forefront of cyber security. The province of New Brunswick is a key location for these initiatives, building on a tradition of technology leadership that draws upon the expertise and entrepreneurial ecosystem surrounding the University of New Brunswick (UNB). UNB established the first computer science department in any Canadian university (all the way back in 1968!) and has a well-established cyber security pedigree, which has already seen campus-born technology acquired by global players such as IBM (who acquired Q1 Labs, developers of SIEM solution Q-Radar).


To highlight the past achievements, current activities and future potential of Canada and New Brunswick in cyber security, a recent event entitled “Cyber Security in Dangerous Times” was held at UNB. Invited speakers included the global CTO of IBM Security, a VP of Research from Gartner Group, and Threatscape CEO Dermot Williams who delivered two presentations.


Dermot was also interviewed by Canadian print, radio and TV media and some of the resulting coverage is available at the following links:








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