Episode 1

Cyber Security Trends 2024

AI, Ransomware, Identity Security & more

Join Ru Campbell, Paul O’Sullivan and Colin Reid as we kick off our podcast series with a discussion around the key cyber security trends (and concerns!) of 2024. From the often mentioned but rarely understood dangers of AI to the challenges surrounding legacy systems, we dive into the current threat landscape and what it means for business security. 


Colin Reid

Commercial Director

Ru Campbell

Microsoft Security MVP

Paul O'Sullivan

Sales Director (UK)


Join us for Episode 1 of ThreatCast as we explore the key cyber security trends of 2024. As cyber security professionals, there are persistent challenges we see year in year out. But as the threat landscape continues to evolve, wherever possible, we have to stay ahead of the curve. In this episode, we dig into:

The pressing question of AI. Just what is AI as we understand it? And importantly, how is it being used to both commit and defend against cyber attacks?

Ransomware. It’s the first point of discussion for the majority of our customers, and it’s unlikely to go away any time soon, so what can businesses do to protect themselves?

The benefits and limitations of user awareness training. When a link appears convincingly legitimate, it’s more than likely that it’ll be clicked. In these cases, what’s the next step?

What businesses can do about legacy systems. Long after the developers and systems experts have left an organisation, an application may remain business critical. But without patches and updates (and in the face of significant cost), how can these systems remain protected?

Identity security. Now more important than ever, identity underpins almost the entire security landscape, and rather than throwing tools at the problem, we discuss how the solution to poor identity security rests in strengthening its associated processes and architectures.

What is covered?