10 Misconceptions Surrounding Symantec Security

In this eBook, members of our award-winning Symantec security team (including multiple Broadcom Knights) have compiled a list of 10 misconceptions we’ve encountered regarding Symantec, with an updated look at the state of Symantec’s offering in 2023, and how it is delivering security excellence for its customers. 

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Despite being a major player in modern corporate cyber security, there are several misconceptions surrounding what Symantec is able to offer its customers, the capabilities of its tools, their effectiveness, and their ability to delivery return on investment. Download our eBook for an updated look at Symantec security, from expert engineers who know its solutions inside out.

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Innovation is often synonymous with startups and emerging vendors, and for that reason, you could be forgiven for perceiving Symantec as a slow-moving business too fixed in its ways to make room for development and progress. However, over its 40-year history, innovation has always been at Symantec’s core.

Whether through creating, selecting, acquiring, developing, and integrating security technologies, or by anticipating emerging security frameworks and aligning its tools accordingly (such as Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge solutions), innovation is a priority for Symantec.

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