Endpoint Management

Some essential IT tasks can seem to be never-ending. An endpoint management solution can ease your workload by automating tasks, no matter how large or complex your network is.

Scale back on manual IT tasks. Securely.

Centralise the management and security of your organisation’s servers and devices with a single solution.


With the increase in remote devices, it is critical that you can see and manage all devices. Not just those attached to your network.

Whether employees use Windows, Mac or Linux, you need to be able to automatically roll out system patches quickly and efficiently.

Endpoints present many vulnerabilities for organisations – by managing them all consistently you can help defend against multiple threats.

Endpoint management solutions boost security hygiene and free up internal IT resources to allow your organisation to focus on those areas which are most important.

The demands on a modern organisation’s IT resources are exhaustive. From the management of digital transformation projects to hardware and software maintenance, and the inevitable troubleshooting, the list of tasks seems endless. This challenge are compounded by the changing nature of the workforce. In a digital world we must contend with increasing numbers of remote workers interacting with corporate networks via mobile devices. While you may have good visibility of on-premise endpoints on your network, the ebb and flow of employee access via changing personal devices can make it difficult to see just where unpatched software and other vulnerabilities reside.

Putting all your IT resources into manually patching, migrating and troubleshooting can have a detrimental impact on your ability to focus on the essential elements required for your organisation’s success. Thus many companies are now embracing a single solution which can provide visibility over all the endpoints on or off your network, and allow you to automate updates, control application usage, and manage your infrastructure comprehensively.

Whilst endpoint management does not sit strictly in the security sphere, it can have a significant impact on your ability to withstand potential attacks.

Cyber criminals are increasingly focused on endpoints, and this continues to be a primary point of weakness in an organisation’s security, largely due to the human element.

By ensuring that all your endpoints are correctly patched, with all your security solutions deployed, you can help mitigate the risks associated with any attacks.



Endpoint Management Solutions


Client Management Suite (Altiris)

Symantec Client Management Suite provides deep visibility into the desktops, laptops and software being used in your organization, who is using them, and what state they are in. With historical and real-time data, you can make the right decisions and take the right actions such as identifying vulnerabilities and quickly deploying the appropriate patches and updates.



Microsoft Intune lets you simplify modern workplace management and achieve digital transformation while maintain control and visibility of your network. Intune allows you to support your diverse mobile ecosystem across Windows, iOS, Android, Mac devices, and also to safeguard data used on employee devices that you don’t manage.

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