Endpoint Security

Protect your infrastructure against increasingly diverse points of entry with endpoint security across desktop, laptop, servers and mobile devices.

Protecting the endpoint.

Secure your endpoints no matter where they are with versatile solutions that can protect, detect and respond to threats. 


Improve productivity and reduce the attack surface by deploying a centralised endpoint security solution to ensure all endpoints have the latest policy compliant security builds. 

With employees accessing corporate networks or applications with a variety of devices, you need to apply appropriate and consistent security controls.

All endpoints need to be protected, using multiple technologies, from all attack vectors, minimising the risk of a compromised machine appearing on the network.

With mobile phones and tablets in regular use, the risk of loss could land them in the wrong hands. Protect your corporate data by ensuring these devices are either fully secure or do not hold sensitive data.

Endpoints can represent a tantalising entry into a company’s network for would be cyber attackers. This poses a real challenge for organisations looking to defend their desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices. Why? Because there are usually multiple devices per employee and most employees are not cyber security experts. This provides a large and diverse attack surface for “bad actors”. Having complete visibility and control over the security of your endpoints is critical.


An increasing number of organisations now have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, which enables contractors and employees to use personal devices on the organisation’s network or to access applications. As these devices do not necessarily have the same degree of security, they can represent a further risk to your IT security.

It is important that organisations ensure they use a robust and layered approach to secure their digital assets. Simply relying on antivirus or firewalls alone is no longer sufficient.

Full endpoint security solutions enable your organisation to defend end-user devices including desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices across your network and outside of it.  

By establishing and enforcing clearly defined standards for devices, you can maintain greater control and oversight of threats and block potentially risky behaviour or access.


Case Study

Go-Ahead Group fights off cyber attack and supports a billion passenger journeys a year with Symantec and Threatscape

When a network critical to serving a billion passenger journeys a year by bus and train across the UK began to slow down, the IT team at The Go-Ahead Group suspected a cyber attack, and turned to Threatscape for help. 

endpoint security case study - goahead

Protect your organisation from cyber threats.

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Endpoint Security Solutions


Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers security against all known attack vectors with unrivalled efficacy, cyber defence at scale delivered by one single agent, and high-performance client/on-premises management architecture.


Endpoint Detection & Response

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers security against all known attack vectors with unrivaled efficacy, cyber defense at scale delivered by one single agent, and high-performance client/on-premises management architecture.

Palo Alto Networks


Cortex XDR™ is the world’s first detection and response app that natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. Leveraging behavioural analytics, it identifies unknown and highly evasive threats targeting your network.


Microsoft Defender ATP

Enable your security team to automatically protect, detect and respond to known, unknown and sophisticated attacks, using machine learning and AI techniques from data collected on the endpoint, network and cloud.

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