Webinar - ON DEMAND

How to Maximise Security Optimisation for Microsoft 365

You’ve got the licence, now it’s time to optimise its capabilities and mitigate threat risk.

One of the best but most challenging aspects of Microsoft 365 Security is its sheer vastness, with an enormous feature set to learn, implement and control. It never stays still. Consequently, its tools are often under-utilised, and frequent updates can pose a risk to security.

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Join us for a guided tour through M365 Security optimisation with actionable takeaways to enable you to secure your environment and begin to truly realise your Microsoft investment.

What we’ll cover:

From our award-winning Microsoft Security Practice, Threatscape’s very own Microsoft MVP Ru Campbell will take you through ten M365 Security areas for concern that IT professionals and business leaders alike can’t afford to ignore. Including:

  • Governance
  • Access Controls
  • Insider Risk Management
  • The Dangers of Out-of-the-Box Defaults


The webinar will conclude with a live demonstration of Overwatch for M365 – the next generation of security posture management for the increasingly complex world of Microsoft’s cloud.