Webinar - Part 2


Introducing Symantec Endpoint Security Complete

Enterprises across the globe are heavily invested in endpoint security to protect their valuable assets. Despite the time and money spent, more breaches are happening today than ever before. Prevention matters as global cyber threats are more aggressive than ever and can have a staggering impact on a business. It is critical to prevent attacks as early as possible, as the detection and reaction window to a modern attack is very short. The right solution needs to maximise endpoint protection and balance detection effectiveness across all devices, operating systems, and the entire attack chain.

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To help clients address these challenges, we are hosting an introductory webinar across two dates, where

Threatscape’s Technical Director, Alan Roche, will showcase Symantec’s Endpoint Security Complete.

Symantec Endpoint Security Complete automates protection configuration to deliver custom protection specifically to your organisation while saving you time, money, and effort. With flexible deployment across on-premise, cloud managed and hybrid models, and a single console with real-time threat visibility, you don’t have to choose between the best security and the greatest simplicity when you can have both.


What we will cover:

  • Console overview
  • New on-prem to cloud migration feature
  • Discovery applications overview and use cases
  • Adaptive protection overview and new dashboard widgets
  • EDR navigation –
      • New EDR view management
      • New flyout cards for quick event navigation
      • New search filters
      • Using quick filters – Device control management and searching
  • EDR collecting forensic information from the endpoint
  • EDR incident review/timeline and rule modification
  • EDR rule management
  • EDR endpoint search – File hash
  • SESC Breach Assessment Tool Overview and usage
  • TDAD (Threat Defence for Active Directory)
    • Overview
    • Using TDAD for threat hunting
    • Reviewing alerts in TDAD