MDR Cost Benefit Analysis

As companies grow and cyber threats continue to evolve (and increase in frequency), organisations are often forced to review their defensive, protective and monitoring measures. 

Creating, or improving, a Security Operating Centre capability is generally high on the ‘nice to have’ list. However, organisations likely already have a stretched IT team, do not have the ability to operate 24*7 and don’t have the in-house skills. Outsourcing the SOC capability is often considered to be too expensive. 

Implementing an in-house SOC, on premise with full ownership of the technology and direct employment of the human resources is costly, complex and time consuming. Worse still there is no guarantee of performance or effectiveness. This is typically why organisations increasingly opt for a competent and experience Managed Security Services provider. 

The key to success

A service which provides access to a depth of competent resources, mature technology and process can provide an organisation a very rapid SOC maturity. Ideally the provider should act as an extension of the customers own IT team. In other words, your SOC Service provider should be your partner in security detection and response.

In order to dispel the myth that a Managed Detection and Response (SOC) service is too expensive, we’ve documented a cost/benefit analysis; in-house vs managed service.

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