Network Security

Securing your network, and therefore access to your data, is a key step in building the layered approach necessary to thwart cyber attackers.

Securing networks and perimeters.

Even within your network controls a multi-layered approach to security is required to ensure you keep attackers out, and your data and assets in.


With network access controls you can block malicious attempts to access your network from unauthorised users and devices.

By analysing network traffic flow and eliminating threats, you can reduce the risk of malware corrupting your network and stop cyber criminals before they can gain access to your data.

Know what is happening on your network so that you can more accurately identify when someone has breached your security and respond accordingly.

Authenticate users and devices regardless of where they connect from (inside or outside the network) and ensure this is integrated with a Roles-Based Access Control framework.

A major challenge for modern organisations is that with increasingly sophisticated techniques employed by cyber attackers, one line of defence is no longer sufficient to keep your network and data secure. Not only can attackers find back door entries into networks, but the risk of breach can also result from employee behaviour, often unintentional. It is  essential that organisations are able to prevent an attacker from gaining entry, but also be immediately able to identify when an attacker has already breached your defences and quickly remediate.

The core purpose of having robust network security is to enable employees to access data and materials, as well as tools and applications, that they require to be able to do their work effectively. Organisations need to ensure strong security measures and policies are in place to avoid disrupting productivity, while making sure that there are no vulnerabilities in the network that would increase risk of an attack.

Network security is the strategy employed to prevent unauthorised access onto your corporate network. It is a combination of approach, policies and solutions your organisation uses to secure and protect its data, assets and any network traffic. Like endpoint security, network or perimeter security is a core layer in the IT security stack. The difference in this case is that while endpoint secures the individual devices, network security manages how these devices interact with one another.

There is an extensive range of solutions that fit under this category and this is largely because this aspect of your IT security requires a distinctly layered approach. Many organisations will utilise a combination of hardware and software solutions like network access control, next-generation firewalls, anti-malware, encryption and email or URL filtering among others.

Case Study

This successful project enabled HEAnet to protect up to a million web users across 3,500 schools.

Originally deployed in 2011, a multi-million dollar upgrade installed by Threatscape engineers in 2017 for HEAnet added the latest Palo Alto Network chassis technology which now delivers tens of gigabits of redundant, scalable network security.

heanet network security case study

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Network Security Solutions

palo alto networks

Next Generation Firewalls

The next-generation firewall classifies all traffic based on application, application function, user and content. Create comprehensive security policies resulting in safe enablement of applications to greatly reduce the surface area of cyber-attacks across the organisation.



Vectra and its flagship Cognito® platform enable the world’s most consequential enterprise organisations to detect cyberattacks in real time and empower threat hunters to perform highly conclusive incident investigations.



CORE is a simplicity-focused, on-premises, Network Access Control solution, making deployment, operation and maintenance easier and faster. It provides fully actionable network and device visibility, as well as automating enforcement actions.



CLEAR is a NAC as-a-Service solution connecting enterprise to its risk-based perimeter. CLEAR delivers affordable, deployable and manageable NAC to any sized company as a cloud service. No appliances, heavy configuration or extensive expertise needed.

trapx security


DeceptionGrid is a world leading deception technology. It uses Traps and Lures on your network so that attackers can never tell what’s real and what’s fake because each Trap is designed to look and behave exactly like your real assets.

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