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Office 365 Security Assessment

While cloud computing has revolutionised the way we work, it is not without its security risks. That’s why it’s so important for you and your organisation to stay ahead of the curve. Find out how Threatscape’s expert team of Microsoft security consultants can help you boost your Office 365 security stance.

Microsoft’s Secure Score tool can spot gaps in your Office 365 security configuration, giving you a clearer picture of your organisation’s vulnerabilities. 


Threatscape’s Office 365 Security Assessment brings you Secure Score, on steroids. Our team of specialist consultants – winners of the Microsoft Security Team of the Year award in 2018 – will work with your requirements to establish a clear path to improving your Office 365 security.

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Why Choose Threatscape?

office 365 security assessment

Intensive Assessment

Full review of your current Office 365 security configurations and requirements.

windows 10 security assessment

Windows 10 Review

Additional review of your Windows 10 configuration if applicable.

Detailed Roadmap

Detailed guidance for improving security posture in line with short and long-term goals.

cloud discovery audit

Cloud Discovery Audit

Gain optional access to full cloud discovery audit and attack simulation.

Best Practice Guidelines

Get powerful insights into latest Microsoft security best practice.

Remote or On-Site

Flexible service that can be provided on-site or remotely to suit your needs.