11am Thursday 21st October – 1 hour

People matter: why and how they must be your next wave of cyber defence

Our people and their security behaviours are central to our organisations’ success and reputation. We have known for years that hackers target people before technology. For just as long, we have been repeating the mantra that a vigilant, cyber risk-aware workforce is our main defence against cyber-criminals. Yet despite all our efforts, we have still not cracked the problem. 

We need a fresh look.

Too many organisations still believe it’s mainly a technical problem and either ignore the ‘human factor’ in organisational resilience or apply out-dated or compliance driven/’tick-box’ approaches to training their employees.

We are all on the cyber frontline every day…phishing, social engineering, ransomware, CEO Fraud, business email compromise and many other human cyber risks are now part of our daily working and home lives. We all need the digital skills and know-how not just to recognise an attack but also what we need to do to prevent and report. Without this these attacks will cause significant reputational, operational and financial damage to any organisation whatever their size or sector.

Our employees must be part of our organisational cyber defences. They have to play their role and we need to communicate and provide the right tools and guidance at the right time to enable them to do the right thing.

Our guest speakers in this joint Threatscape/Cyber Risk Aware webinar will be Richard Knowlton the Director of Security Studies at the Oxford Cyber Academy, Colin Reid, the Commercial Director at Threatscape, and Nick Wilding, the Chief Innovation Officer at Cyber Risk Aware.

Together they will share their insights and ideas in the following areas:



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