Episode 2

Principal PM Manager at Microsoft on

Defender for Cloud CNAPP, Building a Career In Cyber Security, & More

In this episode of ThreatCast Microsoft MVP Ru Campbell is joined by Yuri Diogenes, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft, to chat about all things Microsoft Defender, the evolution of Microsoft’s acronyms and CNAPP (cloud-native application protection platforms), and building a successful career in the cyber security industry.

Yuri Diogenes on Defender for Cloud Podcast


As a professor in cyber security degree programmes at EC-Council University and author of Building a Career in Cybersecurity: The Strategy and Skills You Need to Succeed, Yuri offers his insight into how those new to the industry can get their foot in the door and begin their journey to a fulfilling career.

While certifications are cyber security’s bread and butter, Yuri emphasises how, to make the most of time spent studying (potentially alongside a full-time job!), the focus should not necessarily be on the exam, rather, using the certification as a roadmap to gain a solid and practical understanding of a new area.

As cyber security solutions have evolved, traditional industry solutions and their associated terms such as CSPM and CWP have allowed environments to become somewhat siloed. In light of this, we’re now hearing more and more about CNAPP (cloud-native application protection platforms). Yuri explains the demand behind this shift and how CNAPP strengthens security as a combination of tools providing environment-specific risk data.

When security stacks contain a wide variety of solutions, continuous security becomes less about the tools you have, and more about the processes and procedures in the background. We discuss how getting security teams on the same page has never been more important.

Although Defender for Cloud is housed within Azure, it has the power to protect workloads far beyond Azure’s scope, extending into third-party clouds and in some cases, on premises resources. But what does this look like in practice?

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