Episode 4

How to Get Your Board to Buy into Cybersecurity

Mark Parr - Head of Technology at Buzzacott

Join Paul O’Sullivan, Threatscape’s UK Sales Director, for this episode of ThreatCast as he sits down with Mark Parr, Head of Technology at Buzzacott, to discuss achieving board-level buy-in for cyber security strategy, the importance of digital skills and employee support, and the challenges (and benefits) of investing in a strong cyber posture.

Mark Parr Podcast


The best performance comes with an acceptance of the inevitability of change, particularly in light of a digital transformation towards improved security. Paul and Mark discuss their experiences with delivering necessary change and how corporate culture and employee depth of knowledge can shape this.

What can CISOs and senior members of IT teams do in the face of a resistance to change, particularly where the change is imperative for business success? Mark touches on overcoming this challenge through discussion of ROI, be that financial or in terms of productivity, and successfully gaining the trust of key cheerleaders to champion the story of the benefits of change.

Mark comments on the changing atmosphere among security professionals, which has, in his experience, improved in terms of communication and the sharing of support and ideas in an industry which can often prove challenging.

With security solutions and the threat landscape developing at a rate of knots, deciding on where to place limited investment isn’t easy. Paul and Mark consider what to look for in new security tools, and the benefits of peer perspectives.

More and more cyber leaders are accepting that it’s no longer a case of whether an attack will take place, and rather, when it will take place. We discuss how prioritising recovery and response, as well as digital skills, training, and awareness amongst employees has never been more important.

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