Portnox NAC is accurate because it traverses all networking layers – Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPN and even the cloud to illuminate, visualize, analyze and control all connected users and devices. It speaks directly and natively with all existing switches, wireless access controllers, routers and firewalls to get a complete, 100% accurate view of all devices currently connected to the network. Nothing can hide.



Instead of using agent software, it communicates natively with the connected devices to validate their type, compliance and identity. Taking accuracy a step further, it even communicates with user-driven devices such as laptops, desktops, VoIP phones, tablets, etc. to identify the user currently using the device. Every decision Portnox NAC makes factors in the Device, Network and Identity (DNI). It even looks at a user or device’s prior behavior just like a ‘credit score’ to ensure that only the right devices are allowed into the right segments of the network.



Portnox NAC is a software only solution. No appliances are needed and no changes to networking infrastructure such as port mirroring or network taps are required. It scales easily across the enterprise and delivers the highest levels of accuracy and control.



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