Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks: Part 2

A technical “deep dive”

The headlines tell the tale: ransomware attacks are on the rise and organisations must secure their IT infrastructure. But how confident are you that you’ve taken the required steps to fully mitigate the risks? To help organisations assess their defences, we have created a two-part series to help you better prepare. This second part of this series includes a more technical “deep dive”, with some Q&A, a look at our free “crypto defence pack”, IoCs for the recent Conti strain, and finally some tips on how to optimise the configuration of your endpoint security software. (This part will be of particular benefit to all Symantec SEP/SESC users as we will be demonstrating recommended security policies which help defeat ransomware). If you're more interested in some general guidance on how to better mitigate the risks of ransomware, please see the first part of this series here.