Threatscape Partners with Abnormal Security

We are excited to announce Threatscape’s new partnership with Abnormal Security.

Their technology solves a security challenge which most organisations grapple with every day, but against which till now there has been no effective defence: the ongoing barrage of scam email messages and ‘business email compromise’ incidents seeking to defraud organisations.  Traditional email security products such as secure email gateways and cloud based email filtering are good at spotting and stripping out spam, phishing and malware but are nowhere near as effective at blocking carefully crafted and precisely targeted email-borne frauds. That is why organisations around the world lose hundreds of millions of dollars per year to these types of attack, and why they are a top concern not only for IT security professionals but also for corporate fraud teams.    If email fraud is a concern for you, then please read on.


If you are relying on a traditional secure email gateway to block email fraud today, you will know that they do a very poor job – so bad in fact that you were probably resigned to believing there was simply no technical solution to this challenge. But that has changed!  Abnormal take a fundamentally different approach, one which works. Rather than evaluating each email individually, Abnormal is able (via direct API connections to Office 365 or Google G-Suite) to consider every email in the context of every other email your organisation has ever sent or received. Their AI/ML engine applies thousands of factors in the evaluation of each message – all in the matter of milliseconds – to identify and block fraudulent ones with a very high degree of confidence.  


Abnormal blocks all email attacks, including phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, executive impersonation, supply chain compromise, internal account compromise, spam, and graymail. By comparison, traditional solutions struggle to block email attacks that pass reputation checks, have no URLs or attachments, and appear to come from trusted sources. Only Abnormal uses behavioural AI to profile known good behaviour and analyses over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baselines, delivering maximum protection for global enterprises.

Our Relationship

Our team at Threatscape have known the senior leadership at Abnormal for a number of years and we know their passion for security and their track record at bringing innovative solutions to market. But before agreeing to recommend Abnormal to our clients we still undertook detailed due diligence, including getting feedback from early adopters. That feedback has been astonishingly positive; some of the worlds largest organisations – including those with tens or hundreds of thousands of email users – have already found that using Abnormal almost instantly makes the problem of email fraud disappear.  We are well used to hearing (and lets face it, not always believing) wide-eyed enthusiasm from cyber security sales people, but these were Abnormal Security’s CUSTOMERS telling us how much they love, love, love their technology!  We heard comments like “the best addition to our security stack in years” and “after just a week of our trial, we couldn’t imagine ever turning it off”.


In summary – if you use O365 or GSuite, you really need to look at this solution, today. And the good news is that you can do so quicky and without obligation. Threatscape can connect Abnormal to your email environment almost instantly (thanks to the wonders of a rapid one-click cloud-to-cloud deployment) and after a week of analysing your email traffic in read-only mode, Abnormal will produce a report revealing the dangerous emails making their way past your current defences.  

Please reach out to us if you’d like to know more – or click here.

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