Data Protection


Symantec Endpoint Encryption software provides advanced data encryption and file encryption for desktops, laptops, and removable storage devices. It offers scalable, enterprise-wide security that prevents unauthorized access by using strong access control and powerful encryption. Symantec Endpoint Encryption provides a central management console, enabling safe, central deployment, and management of encryption to endpoints.



Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (Powered by PGP Technology)


Symantec’s encryption solutions enable organizations to deliver data protection with centralised policy management through the optional use of Encryption Management Server. Our solutions provide standards-based technology, centralised policy management, compliance-based reporting, and universal management for your encryption products.





Email services enable secure, private email communications without requiring hardware or software on site. Symantec’s flexible offerings can encrypt all emails between your organisation and select business partners, or encrypt individual emails to any recipient based on pre-defined policies.



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